A new and futureproof Floorplanner

By Gert-Jan van der Wel
Mar 22, 2018 · 4 min read

Hi there!

Last week was a very busy week for us at Floorplanner. If you’ve logged in somewhere in the last week you’ve probably noticed that we’ve released a new floorplan editor.

This version might look different but in many ways still works the same and we added some significant improvements in terms of features, speed and stability.

Overall the first responses have been positive but we totally understand that change is not always welcome. The feedback you’re providing us however, is very encouraging. We still need to fix some little quirks and bugs that you’re reporting to us. We are focussed on fixing these issues and adding more features in the coming weeks.

Why did we release a new editor in the first place?

The release of the new editor actually marks the final stages of a near two-year journey. When we started that journey, our editor was based on so-called Flash technology. We won’t bother you with the technical details but Flash as a technology was dying. Nowadays a lot of browser do not support the technology anymore and getting the Flash based editor to work on something like a tablet is simply impossible.

Modern times call for a more modern editor, so you can continue using Floorplanner for all your floorplan needs!

What did we change?

The most spectacular change, first of all, is that the editor has a completely new, fresh look and feel!

We think it looks a lot better. We’ve tried to incorporate the as much of your feedback as possible when designing and building it.

If you’re used to the old editor you might feel a bit lost initially though, as we’ve moved almost all functionality to the menu on the left side of your screen. I’m sure you’ll find your way easily but if you’re still searching, the image below might help you find your way a bit more easily.

In the new menu we’ve tried to define options a bit more distinctive. As you can see there’s now three main menu items at the top of the menu bar:

  1. Build (blue) – lets you set the basic outline of your floorplan. Set your surface, walls, doors, etc. here
  2. Decorate (yellow) – here you can set manage the materials and colors for your walls and floors.
  3. Furnish (green) – this part of the menu lets you add furniture and home-deco items to your floorplan.

We’ve added over 145.000 new items to our library for you to use. That does make it a bit harder for you to find what you’re looking for and that’s actually also one of the most important updates we’ll make as soon as possible. All those items are of course really nice but if you can’t find what you’re looking for then it’s no use in the first place.

You’ll also learn that, once you’ve used the new editor for a while, its blazing fast and helps you be even more productive when using Floorplanner. We’ve also added new features such as automatic measurement lines, roomtype sets and view switches.

I could go on and on about all the improvements we’ve made but I hope I’ve got you excited to try them out for yourself. Head over to Floorplanner, log in and try it out for yourself. You can of course also use our demo-floorplan.

All your feedback appreciated, so please let us know! For now, I’d like to wish you lots of fun and joy with our new editor!

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