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Make better design decisions by planning your space.

Floorplanner is a versatile tool for anyone who is planning, redecorating, or renovating. Having an accurate floorplan of your space(s) will give you direct answers to questions like: Will this couch fit? Floorplanner helps you make better-informed decisions, so you can make the most of your space. And best of all, Floorplanner is FREE for personal use since 2007!

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Top view of a coloured 2d floorplan made by Floorplanner
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Floorplanner is

Simple yet powerful. A design tool for non-engineers.

Floorplanner is easy to use and accessible. You do not need to install anything, just create an account and start making your plans right within your browser. Our interface is not overwhelming with lots of buttons or advanced functions (that you probably won't be using anyway), but it is optimized for doing exactly what you expect it to do: draw walls, rooms, doors, windows, and other architectural elements to recreate your space(s). At any given moment, you can click on the 3D button to see your plan in 3 dimensions with no extra effort at all.

A screenshot of the Room shape function
it will help you to

Draw accurate floorplans and decorate your room(s) with ease.

Everything you draw in Floorplanner is automatically scaled. You can move walls, doors & windows with your mouse with a precision of 1 cm, or a quarter of an inch. Each architectural element also allows manual input for precise size adjustments, ensuring the accurate and speedy creation of any type of space.
Have an existing 2D floorplan drawing? That's even better! Floorplanner allows you to upload and scale this drawing, so you can use it to place walls and other elements at the right spot with ease.

A screenshot showing the tool options of placing furniture
Decorate your room with real products

260.000+ models to use, many from leading furniture brands.

Once you've created a digital twin of your space, unleash your creativity with a wide range of over 260,000 models, including many from leading furniture brands. With such diverse options, you'll probably have more than enough choices to bring your vision to life.

Floorplanner's library is constantly updated. Hundreds of new 3D models are added to our library every month.

A screenshot of the Floorplanner living room furniture in the model library
Discover a new hobby

Develop a new skill, create visuals like a PRO.

Floorplanner makes it easy to make great-looking 3D visuals right from the start. You'll quickly discover that the more detail you add to your designs, the better your images are going to look. Floorplanner also allows you to easily play with different camera settings and light profiles, and soon you will be creating compelling images that will not only surprise you but also your friends & family.

A screenshot of an interior render made by Floorplanner
We like fair & transparent pricing

Free for casual use, reasonably priced upgrades & subscriptions.

Floorplanner is free for most users. You can create as many Basic projects (with 1 design & SD exports) as you want, and you have full access to your projects with a Free account, even if you downgraded from a paid subscription.

We minimize data collection and will never sell your data. That is simply not our business. We make our money by selling credits as a one-time purchase or via subscriptions. These credits can be used for project upgrades and other additional services on our platform.

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leading the market

The tool of choice for many of your favourite brands

Floorplanner is the tool of choice for a growing number of leading retailers that are looking for a cost-effective 3D platform for their designers & customers.

From their store to their website, Floorplanner has become an important part of their service. This guarantees the continuous development of our platform and an up-to-date library with products from many popular brands.

A collection of brands
since 2007

Over 30 million registered users worldwide.

Every day, thousands of users create a new Floorplanner account, and each month, millions of people use our platform to plan their homes & offices. Floorplanner has been a trusted solution for over 15 years, and many of our users rely on our tool every time they move house or just do a simple room makeover.

The broad usage of our platform drives us to further develop our product, keep our pricing fair & transparent, and keep our service stable & reliable.

The worldmap made with Floorplanner rooms

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