Tired of complicated CAD SOFTWARE?

Visualize ideas faster without using CAD

Floorplanner is a great tool for every (design) professional that works with floorplans & 3D renders on a regular basis but for whom CAD software is simply too time-consuming to learn, too cumbersome to use, or too expensive to consider.
Floorplanner provides you with a simple yet powerful interface to make accurate floorplans and attractive architectural visualizations within minutes, right from within your browser.

A 3d render of the inside of a building made by Floorplanner
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the Floorplanner platform

All you need to make compelling visuals of your designs.

Floorplanner provides everything you need to create stunning visuals for your projects. Out of the box, our platform offers:

  • A versatile Space Planning tool
  • Professional 2D & 3D floor plan visuals
  • Photorealistic 3D Renderings
  • Interactive 3D tours (VR-ready)
  • Quick Moodboarding with Styleboards
  • and much More...
A screenshot and a review from a Floorplanner user
it will help you to

Create accurate 2D floorplans & awesome 3D renders with ease.

Floorplans are an important element of any effective design presentation. With traditional CAD software, it can be difficult and time-consuming to produce a floorplan that is “not-too-technical”. Floorplanner simply has fewer options and functionalities than CAD software, but that makes it way faster to get great results with a much lower learning curve.

2d plus 3d floorplan with 8k resolution example
Floorplanner works because it IS

Easy to learn yet powerful enough for many professionals.

Getting started with Floorplanner is easy. No prior CAD experience is needed, and everything works on your browser and runs in the cloud, so there is no software to install or hardware to set up.

Floorplanner is, however, surprisingly versatile and powerful enough to satisfy users who use Floorplanner every day. We have made many improvements to our platform over the years, and we continue to improve Floorplanner based on the feedback we are receiving from our users.

A screenshot of a floorplan in Floorplanner
visuals are really important

Wow your clients with great looking images.

Floorplanner makes it really easy for everyone to create compelling 2D & 3D content within minutes, even if you do not have lots of experience with 3D CAD software. From highly detailed 2D floorplans, photo-realistic interior renders, and immersive 3D tours. Our default settings ensure that any image or presentation you make with Floorplanner will look as good as possible and will make your work shine!

Two interior 3d renders made by Floorplanner
We like fair & transparent pricing

Usage-based pricing, reasonably priced upgrades & subscriptions.

Our pricing is based on a one-time fee per project (or for any of our other services) This means that you are only paying for the new projects, styleboards, and 3D tours that you are actually creating.

All project upgrades and other services on the Floorplanner platform are done via credits. You can buy credits as a one-off purchase, or you can choose one of our paid subscriptions. Our subscriptions include a certain amount of monthly or yearly credits, and besides that, they offer useful extra productivity features like branded templates, so every export will have your distinctive style.

Floxie with a ratecard
leading the market

Trusted by millions of users and many leading retailers.

Over 30 million users worldwide have a Floorplanner account, and every month millions of people use our platform to plan their homes & offices.

Floorplanner is also the tool of choice for a growing number of leading retailers. This guarantees the continuous development of our platform and an up-to-date library with products from many popular brands.

A render of interior
We're in it for the long term

Used for millions of projects since 2007.

Every day, tens of thousands of new Floorplanner projects are created, and since 2007, over 50 million projects have been made in total. We are proud of the fact that all of these projects still work on the latest version of our platform. Even the ones that were created over 15 years ago.

Floorplanner is planning to be around for some time, and we will continue to improve our platform in the years to come to add more value to all of our users.

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