Upgrade your online showroom

Make the most of your 3D models!

Discover the possibilities of Floorplanner's Product Viewer, a cost-effective solution for showcasing products on your own website or within your app. Turn your existing 3D models into interactive experiences, giving your customers the ability to explore products from every angle and visualize them in their own space.

Make 3D part of your website

Add 3D to your product page

Floorplanner's Product Viewer is fully web-based and can be integrated with any webpage or within your own application. Embedding is straightforward, with auto-generated links or via our API.

You can even customize the appearance of the Product Viewer with your brand colors, so you can make it a seamless part of your own website.

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Meet customer expectations

Showcase your products in 3D!

With Product Viewer, customers can view products in 360° as well as zoom in, allowing them to fully inspect and appreciate every little detail. Click on a different material or color to see the products change in real time.

When customers are using Product Viewer on a mobile device, they can even place products in their own spaces via AR (Augmented Reality), helping them visualize how your products fit into their homes and lives!

A cabinet with a desk
Augmented reality without extra effort

See products in your space

Augmented Reality lets customers place your products in their own space, offering a realistic view of how each item fits and looks in their environment. Our Product Viewer offers industry-standard AR functionality at no extra cost.

Product Viewer's AR functionality works on any modern phone (Android & iOS) out-of-the-box, so no extra app needs to be installed; it just works!

A screenshot of a product used in a space
FAIR & Transparent pricing

A Cost-Effective marketing tool

Our Product Viewer is affordable and priced for volumes. You can enable Product Viewer for just 2 credits (=$1.32) per product per month. This includes ALL hosting of the web viewer & the AR models on our infrastructure. Via your own dashboard, you can easily manage all of your product viewers. Turning them on or off whenever you need.

*Pricing based on credits purchased via Enterprise Bundles for $0.66 per credit (2023 pricing)

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No lengthy processes

Fast & easy to set up

If you have 3D models within Floorplanner, the product viewer can be enabled within seconds. It is just a matter of clicking a button.

If you do not have your models in Floorplanner yet, please talk to us about our affordable modeling service that can help you create 3D models of your collection. Over the years, we have created over 100.000 unique, high-quality 3D models for our clients.

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