For professional use

If you work with floorplans professionally, our Floorplanner PRO account is perfect for you. You can use advanced features and get credits at a discounted price.

Great for professional users

Floorplanner PRO is a must-have-tool for interior designers, real estate agents or any other professional that works with floorplans and/or 3D design proposals on a regular basis. Brand your images with your own logo. Create different templates or roomstyles for different customers. Buy credits at a discount. All reasons why a growing number of professionals are using Floorplanner PRO.

Add your own logo
to your images

With a Floorplanner PRO account you can make your own templates. With a template you can have your logo or watermark automatically appear on any of the 2D or 3D images you render. You can also set default values for wall colors, presentation settings, view options and much more. You can add as many templates as you need so you can have a different look for every one of your recurring clients.

Create and re-use
your own roomstyles

Roomstyles are a powerful feature available for Floorplanner PRO and higher accounts. They allow you to make a selection of items, materials and colors that fit together nicely and save these as a roomstyle. You can apply the roomstyle to any room, with 1 click, using Magic Layout.

A big time-saver for real estate agents as you can make a virtual staging of a whole house in under a minute. Or a great help for any designer that can use roomstyles to build up re-usable collections to jumpstart a new project or explore different styles with a few clicks.

Different roomtypes
for different clients

Having a custom roomtype set for each client or project type makes repetitive tasks such as renaming and recoloring rooms fast and easy.

You can set a default name (in any language) and default color for a certain roomtype. And even can choose a default roomstyle so your plans will automatically have the right wooden floor for example when you are drawing your plans.

Get credits monthly

Floorplanner PRO gives you new credits each month or credits yearly. Buying additional credits at a discounted rate is always possible.

A project made in a Floorplanner PRO account will automatically start at Project Level 2. Credits are the currency you use to upgrade projects to a higher level.

Included within this subscription are also the following features!

No cooldown period
for image exports

With the Floorplanner PRO account you can render your 2D & 3D images in HD Quality. The cooldown period between exports is gone. This means you can quickly test out ideas without the need to wait. Also there will be no Floorplanner watermark on the images you export.

Your own favorite
items list

If you create new projects regularly you will find yourself searching in the library for a particular item you used before. Floorplanner PLUS gives you the possibility to save the items, colors and materials you frequently use in your own favorite items list. This allows you to quickly add them to any new or current project.

Full library with
over 150,000 items

After creating your floorplan you can start decorating it with all kinds of items and materials ranging from kitchens, sofas to accessories and even animals. The Floorplanner library contains over 150,000 3D items with new ones added every day. Search categories like room type and furniture type make it easy to find whatever you’re looking for.

Helpful features

Making a good floorplan can be hard but Floorplanner makes this easier. Our Room Wizard helps you to get your first room set up in no-time so you can start focusing on the details.

Need some inspiration? Magic Layout will help you to get a first layout proposal with no effort. Just choose a style and Floorplanner will layout your room with just 1 click. Don’t like the results? Try again or move the items to a better spot in your room.

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