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Useful productivity features, regular credits, advanced training and supporting our platform are the reasons why you might want to consider upgrading to Floorplanner PLUS.

Make more of your plans

Do you like Floorplanner and do you find yourself using it on a regular base? Then upgrading to Floorplanner PLUS might be a good choice. You will receive new credits to upgrade your projects and because as a Floorplanner PLUS user you are supporting the continuous development of Floorplanner, the cooldown period for exports is removed, just as the Floorplanner watermark and you can save your favorite items in your own list to re-use.

No cooldown period
for image exports

With Floorplanner PLUS the cooldown period between 2D and 3D renders is gone. This means you can quickly test out ideas without the need to wait the 10 minutes between exports as you do with the Floorplanner BASIC account. Also there will be no Floorplanner watermark on the images you export.

Your own favorite
items list

If you create new projects regularly you will find yourself searching in the library for a particular item you used before. Floorplanner PLUS gives you the possibility to save the items, colors and materials you frequently use in your own favorite items list. This allows you to quickly add them to any new or current project.

Regular credits to
upgrade your projects

Floorplanner PLUS subscription gives you new credits each month or credits yearly. Buying additional credits is always possible.

Credits are the currency you can use to upgrade projects to a higher level. This unlocks extra functionality and better quality exports of images.

Included within this subscription are also the following features!

Full library with
over 150,000 items

After creating your floorplan you can start decorating it with all kinds of items and materials ranging from kitchens, sofas to accessories and even animals. The Floorplanner library contains over 150,000 3D items with new ones added every day. Search categories like room type and furniture type make it easy to find whatever you’re looking for.

Helpful features

Making a good floorplan can be hard but Floorplanner makes this easier. Our Room Wizard helps you to get your first room set up in no-time so you can start focusing on the details.

Need some inspiration? Magic Layout will help you to get a first layout proposal with no effort. Just choose a style and Floorplanner will layout your room with just 1 click. Don’t like the results? Try again or move the items to a better spot in your room.

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