Since 2007 floorplanner is making space planning easier, more accessible and much more affordable. We think a tool like floorplanner should be available to everyone that is why our basic account will always be FREE for anyone to use. There is no risk and no tricks...just sign up for the free account and start creating your first project!

It could be anything from a room or apartment make-over, a home to sell, a new office space plan.....even an event you may be organizing. Create as many projects as you want and keep your account for as long as you need. Even better, export your plans in 2D or 3D in our standard definition for free, and easily share your ideas and layouts with others.

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We use credits as the currency for upgrading projects that are beyond the basic (level 1) functionality. Each upgrade level costs a certain amount of credits. This is a one-time fee. After your project is upgraded you can use all the functionality of the project level as much as you need.

There are two ways to acquire credits as you build more complicated projects, require more higher quality output or need to publish or share your results with other people:

Buy credits without a subscription

Subscriptions give monthly credits

A Floorplanner project can have 4 different project levels. Each new level unlocks better export capabilities, functionality and publish options. You only need to upgrade a project once even if you want to create multiple high quality renderings or 3D tours. Below you can find an overview of the floorplanner project levels and their functionalities.

Project level 1 Basic See an example

  • Full drawing functionality
  • 2D & 3D exports in SD resolution (960x540px)
  • Access to more than 150.000 3D models


Project level 2 HD See an example

  • Multiple floors & designs
  • 2D & 3D exports in HD resolution (1920x1080px)
  • PDF and FML output

2 credits per project

Project level 3 Presentation See an example

  • 3D tours (VR ready)
  • Publish options (viewer + spaceplanner)

10 credits per project

Project level 4 Photorealistic See an example

  • Photorealistic renders (iray)
  • Priority queue for 3D tours

25 credits per project
Discover the best subscription for youSee pricing

For users that need credits on a regular basis and/or need advanced features we offer several subscriptions. Each subscription type includes, next to advanced functionality, a certain amount of credits per month. Larger subscriptions pay a lower price per credit and are therefor a good choice for individuals or companies that create larger volumes of upgraded projects.

You can find a quick overview of our subscriptions below. If you need more information on the features of each of our subscriptions, you can find more details on our pricing page.

Subscriptions for individuals
Subscriptions for companies

teams4959 per month

Share templates & roomstyles with mulitple users within your team

  60 credits included per mo.

business149179 per month

More users, custom 3D products in your own branded environment

  225 credits included per mo.

enterprise499599 per month

Unlimited users, custom roomplanner for your site and integrate via API

  800 credits included per mo.