Adding Floors Problem

x.steph.x 2008-12-14 10:58

I know that to add floors you’re supposed to go under settings.. but the add floor function seems to have disappeared Does anyone know how I can fix this or if there is another way to add floors?

Thanks 2008-12-15 04:04

Hi Steph,

We have been running the beta website for a couple of months now, and we are going to release it this week. During the beta phase all accounts had more options than the regular version. Now, with the release in sight, we adjusted the options of the beta site to the ones of the current site. This means for a FREE account: 1 plan, 1 floor level and 5 design variations.

Keep an eye out for the release of the beta this week!

akgirl12 2009-01-02 14:32

This didn’t help me at all!!

Anonymous 2010-06-22 11:50


That is a little confusing and misleading. Your product page states that the free account is for 1 HOUSE, not 1 floor level. Here in the US most homes are multiple floors. Apartments are 1 floor.

You need to change your marketing materials in order to be accurate.

This is unfortunate because I think your service could be very useful.

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