Our credit system

STANDARD projects (Level 1) on Floorplanner are fully functional and free but to unlock better export options, multiple floors or specific publish options you need credits. These credits can be used to upgrade projects to a higher Project Level. Each upgrade costs a certain number of credits. This is a one-time fee per project. Once you’ve upgraded a project it will stay upgraded forever. Credits can be purchased with or without a subscription.

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Get credits

Credits can be purchased with or without a subscription. You can always buy credits at the moment you need them. Credits will never expire as long as you have a Floorplanner account.

Upgrade your project(s)

Every new level unlocks better quality exports, advanced functions & specific publish options to make the most of your projects. Any project level always includes all the functions of the levels below.

Need credits regularly?

If you use Floorplanner regularly and need more credits, then take a look at our subscriptions. Each paid Floorplanner subscription provides you with a number of credits on a recurring basis while also letting you benefit from the advanced features of that subscription. You can always stop your subscription at any time without losing your credits.

About Subscriptions
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