For casual use

We think a tool like Floorplanner should be available to everyone. That’s why we’ve made our platform simple to use and offer a fully functional free version since 2007.

All the functionality you need

With our free Floorplanner BASIC account you can draw every type of floorplan you might need. Simply start a new project and use the full functionality of our easy-to-use editor to make your plan. Each project will start at Project Level 1 enabling you to render 2D & 3D images in SD Quality. The project is limited to 1 floor/design. You can make as much projects as you want and we will keep them available to you as long as you need. We do not collect or sell your data or show you ads. We simply hope you will find our tool useful and purchase credits to upgrade one or more of your projects for better exports or multiple floors. And if you use Floorplanner regularly or professionally we hope you will consider one of our other subscriptions.

Full library with
over 150,000 items

After creating your floorplan you can start decorating it with all kinds of items and materials ranging from kitchens, sofas to accessories and even animals. The Floorplanner library contains over 150,000 3D items with new ones added every day. Search categories like room type and furniture type make it easy to find whatever you’re looking for.

Free 2D & 3D images

With the Floorplanner BASIC account you can render a 2D or 3D image from your design every ten minutes for free. Make technical 2D blueprints to communicate with your builder or create gorgeous interior renders with light effects. Images created with the free Project Level 1 will be in SD-Quality (960 x 540 pixels) and will have a Floorplanner watermark in the corner. Use credits to upgrade your project for full HD images and even 3D tours, even without a paid subscription.

Helpful features

Making a good floorplan can be hard but Floorplanner makes this easier. Our Room Wizard helps you to get your first room set up in no-time so you can start focusing on the details.

Need some inspiration? Magic Layout will help you to get a first layout proposal with no effort. Just choose a style and Floorplanner will layout your room with just 1 click. Don’t like the results? Try again or move the items to a better spot in your room.

Upgrade projects

Do you need a project with multiple floors or full HD quality exports in 2D or 3D? You can do this, and more, by upgrading your project to a higher Project Level. Upgrades can be made using Floorplanner credits that can be purchased on the dashboard of your Floorplanner account.

Upgrading a project is an one time transaction. Your project will remain upgraded forever, and your purchased credits will never expire.

About Project Levels
Free, forever!
Create your account for free and discover how easy, fast and fun it is to make a project.
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Free, forever!
Create your account for free and discover how easy, fast and fun it is to make a project.