Introducing a simpler, more organized Floorplanner

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Dec 18, 2020 · 6 min read

We’re releasing a redesign soon that makes working with Floorplanner easier for everyone.
Here's a sneak peek.

Early 2021 we will be launching a redesign of Floorplanner. To get accustomed to the new design and to test out some of its new features we are now offering every Floorplanner user the option to switch to our new improved look.

Check out our beta version

If you have a Floorplanner account, you just need to click on "try our new design!" button located on top right of the personal page.

What has changed?

A lot has changed, but don't worry, all the cool features are still there. Check below for some of the main changes that were made in our redesign.

Easier to use

The first thing you will notice is the vertical icon bar that will act as your main navigation tool in both the dashboard and the editor. In your dashboard you can use this to quickly access your projects, exports and account details whereas in the editor, when you are working on your plans, this icon bar will show all the icons that were previously shown horizontally above the sidebar.

Next to the icon bar there will be a sidebar, which will always be shown. When you are in your dashboard this sidebar will give you more information about selected projects or exports and will also offer a set of extra functions that were previously hidden under the “three dots” button. The same logic is used in the editor. When you select an element in your drawing the information about that element will be shown in the sidebar where you will also find a set of options that are possible for that specific item.

All the essential tools, at your fingertips

As you can see, we’re making it far easier to discover and use all the essential tools, without the need to switch between multiple windows and tabs. Just click on one of the vertical bar icons and all it’s related actions will appear in your sidebar.

The new dashboard

We’ve developed a much more functional dashboard. Not only do you now have a nice overview of all your latest projects & exports, but also of all your personal information. This way you can conveniently access and change your preferences at any time through the sidebar.

More consistent

We modified some actions to make the dashboard more consistent. For instance, when you’re ready to start a new project, roomstyle, template or new room type set, you only need to click on the respective icon on the vertical bar and then click on the big blue plus icon "create" and you are ready to go. Made changes and/or need to update info? Just click on the save button located on the top right of your screen.

One click to see details. Double click to open

Click once on a specific project or an export on the dashboard and the sidebar will show all information and actions that were previously hidden through the “three dots menu” icon. Clicking will open the project in the editor, and the export in a new tab in your browser.

The new Editor

Our editor has also received a new look, making it much more modern and functional. When you open your project in the new editor you will see we’ve added a few new things: there’s a new “go back to dash” button, a floor & design selector, and we’ve changed how you access your favorite items. All this makes changing selected floors a much simpler process.

Go back to the dashboard

Once you’ve finished your work in the editor, you can easily go back to the dashboard by clicking on the Floorplanner logo in the top left corner.

Floor & Design selection

We’ve made it much easier to navigate between floors and designs. In the editor you will now see a dropdown right above the sidebar that allows you to choose the floor you want to work on. No matter where you are browsing in the editor, you will always have the opportunity to select the floor you want by clicking on the dropdown.

Once the floor is selected, you will see a blue button indicating the number of designs created for that floor. Click on this button to create a new design or to select one that already exists.

Favorites items

Your favorite items can now be accessed by category. When you click on the paint, furniture or material selector on the vertical iconbar, you’ll see a search bar pop up with a little star icon right next to it. Just click on this star icon and you’ll be able to access all your favorite items from that category.

What has not changed?

From starting your projects and creating a wall, to selecting material, paint and furniture, a lot of things have stayed just the way you knew them. Our new design just makes this a friendlier and sleeker process for all our users.

You may find that some actions have been grouped or changed their names, but don't worry, in the next few days we will be providing you new tutorials on everything that may feel different at first.

So why a redesign?

We think the redesign solves a number of issues that will make Floorplanner easier and faster and overall more consistent. As well as that this redesign offers lots of room for exciting and powerful new features that we have had on our roadmap for some time.

In the meantime, we invite you to try our beta version and take a look at how we redesigned your favorite online editor to make it even cooler :)

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