Camera improvements

By Gert-Jan van der Wel
Nov 08, 2018 · 2 min read

We have added some new useful features to our camera functionality. The most important change is that you can now add more cameras to a floor. This makes it a lot easier to create renders from every room of a house, and – it’s a new way to present your plan. We added a play button that allows you to automatically move between the cameras . This allows you to create a cool fly-through from one viewpoint to another.

We also improved the navigation of the walkthrough mode. You can now double click on any place on the floor to move smoothly to that position.

To play around with the camera you click on the camera button in the topbar of the 2D view or on the 3D button. You will then open the view of your first camera. You can navigate through your plan to find a good position for your camera. Via the new Camera sidebar you can change the properties of this camera . Each camera can have its own scenery image (the image you will see when you look through the windows of your plan). This makes it possible to have different views from different positions.

When you found a good position for your camera you can create a better image. Click on the “render camera view” button and select the quality of the image you want to make. Then click on the big blue round button to have the image sent to you by mail in a few minutes.

We have lifted the limitation on the number of renders you can create. This means that from now on, all accounts can create “fast preview” (SD - 960x540px) images from all your cameras. If you have a PRO account or higher your will also have the option to make High Quality (full HD 1920x1080px) images.

Later this year we will roll out more upgrade options for your projects. This will include 360/panoramas and also photorealistic images.

Stay tuned….

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